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Biotechnologies sector

1. Objective of the training
Biotechnology is a cutting-edge field resulting from the marriage between biology and a set of new techniques from other disciplines such as computer science, microbiology, biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, molecular biology.
Biotechnology contributes to developments in areas such as agriculture, food production and safety, climate control and medicine. Biotechnology can also help solve some of the most pressing environmental problems, such as oil spills, pesticide side effects or water pollution, thereby contributing to the health of the natural environment.

2. Skills sought
- Understand the foundations of the biotechnology industry and the societal and ethical issues associated with its interactions with society.
- Know the main areas of application of biotechnology (agriculture, food, chemicals, environment, pharmacy, etc.);
- Master the major technologies and techniques used in biotechnology (laboratory technologies, analytical methods, bio-processing, purification methods, molecular biology methods, bioinformatics);
- Understand the societal and ethical issues related to biotechnology;
- Master the equipment, practices and procedures in terms of health, safety and security in order to have a healthy, safe and secure work environment;
- Master the mathematical tools required to perform calculations relating to measurements, reagents, solutions and media formulations, dilution of liquids, product and process monitoring and quality control, growth of cells and analyze their growth, calibration, maintenance and use of the instrument, performance of tests and procedures and cell counting, cell density and cell division;
- Practice quality control and assurance and operate in accordance with applicable government regulations;
- Know how to use measuring instruments and understand the factors that lead to correct correct results;
- Be able to prepare, store and handle reagents, solutions and biological media;
- Master the use of centrifuges, filtration systems and electrophoresis devices;
- Know how to perform tests on samples, document, store and correctly evaluate the results;
- Be able to visualize cells using basic microscopic techniques, culture cells aseptically, count cells and harvest them. ;
- Master statistics, algorithms and object-oriented programming as well as computer modeling software.

3. Openings / Professions
Biotechnology graduates develop careers in a wide range of fields such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and environmental industries, in genetics and regenerative medicine, in process control or in research and development:.
- Biotechnology engineer,
- Engineer or laboratory technician,
A biomedical engineer
- Examples of roles include Quality Control Analyst, Biomedical Engineer
, a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative,
- or a laboratory technician. forensic science.

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