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Digital communication and multimedia technologies

1. Objective of the training
The objective of the Digital Communication and Multimedia Technologies sector is to prepare our students to become communication professionals capable of implementing the best information technology tools available to create impactful communication campaigns.
Our students develop skills in graphic creation and design, digital and social media communication and audiovisual production.
During their presence at the Ivorian Institute of Technology, our students also develop their technical and managerial skills in the planning, design and implementation of digital communication.

2. Skills sought
- Mastery of design and graphic communication software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Aftereffects, Premiere pro, InDesign, etc.
- Proficiency in user interface design for web and mobile applications (UX Design;
- Mastery of the design of animated, audiovisual and interactive graphics (Motion Design);
- Web traffic management by mastering digital marketing tools such as SEO, SEA, CPM, CPC;
- Project management ;
- Excellent written and oral expression.

3 .Openings/Professions
- Companies operating in the field of communication (TV, radio, press, etc.)
- Commercial or semi-public enterprises;
- Administrations and local authorities and NGOs;
- Communication consulting firms and agencies;
- Communication director ;
- Artistic director ;
- Responsible for internal and/or external communication;
- Community Manager ;
- Influencers;
- Graphic designer;
- Head of advertising ;
- Journalist image reporters;
- Director;
- Website project manager,
- Traffic manager.

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