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The IIT is a bilingual French-English training institution that provides education in initial training and continuing education, in technologies, business management and entrepreneurship.
The IIT is composed of two training centers which are IIT School of Engineering and IIT School of Management.

IIT School of Engineering trains students in the following fields:

  • Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Networks, Systems and Security
  • Networks and Telecommunications
  • Civil Engineering and Building Technologies
  • Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energies
  • Biomedical genius
  • Biotechnology

IIT Business School provides training in management and business administration. It offers the following specialties:Finance and Business Accounting

  • Finance and Business Accounting
  • Digital Communication and Multimedia Technologies
  • Commercial Management and Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship

Degrees awarded:
The general structure of the training is based on the License-Master-Doctorate (LMD) system. Only the first two types of Bachelor's and Master's degrees are issued by the IIT. The Doctorate is not delivered by the IIT.

Size of the annual cohort of students:

The Institute plans to welcome and train each year a total of approximately 1,200 students from its fifth year of operation, or approximately 240 students per level of study.

Teaching method:

The teaching method at the IIT is the one used in Anglo-Saxon countries, particularly in the United States and Germany. This method emphasizes the following aspects:

  • Strong practical component to ensure that the knowledge acquired by IIT students is directly usable in the company,
  • Intensive student participation in class and a high dose of personal work,
  • Encouragement of group work to work on concrete projects,
  • Interventions and frequent exchanges with practitioners and business experts.

Content of the different programs

The architecture of the ITI programs is as follows:

  • Scientific and technical, theoretical and practical modules,
  • Management modules,
  • Modules in social and human sciences,
  • Projects and application internships.

Pedagogical organization

The pedagogy of the Institute is organized in such a way as to provide our students with balanced knowledge in science and technology, in the humanities, economics and social sciences.
The academic year

  • The academic year is divided into two semesters of 16 to 20 working weeks each.
  • The admission of new students takes place at the beginning of each semester.

The training provided includes theoretical, practical and methodological lessons supplemented by internships.
It also includes the writing of a dissertation or other personal or group study work. A particular emphasis is also in teaching to enable students to develop their autonomy, their capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The approach

During the first four semesters, IIT students receive a common core education which will constitute the technical and scientific framework of their learning.
Students will then be able to build their own academic itinerary by choosing the areas or specialization subjects that interest them from a list of specialization modules. This choice is free subject to the availability of places in the classes concerned.


The knowledge of IIT students is assessed regularly through quizzes, presentations, assignments and written or oral exams, etc., to ensure that they have properly assimilated the theoretical knowledge as well as the methods and skills that suit them. have been taught. These knowledge assessments are supplemented by carrying out practical projects or internships.

Checks and validation of credits

The tests are carried out under the responsibility of the teacher or the pedagogical manager in charge of the subject whose knowledge is assessed.
The Bachelor's and Master's degrees are awarded on the decision of an establishment jury chaired by the President of the Institute.

The duration of studies with a view to obtaining the License or Bachelor's degree is generally 6 semesters for students admitted after obtaining the Baccalaureate or a recognized diploma of equivalent level to a Bac (International Baccalaureate for example) and corresponding to the validation of 180 credits.

The duration of studies with a view to obtaining the Master's degree is 4 semesters for students admitted after obtaining a bachelor's degree or a recognized diploma of a level equivalent to a Bac+3 corresponding to the validation of 120 credits.

Bilingualism at IIT

Apart from the English courses, the objective of which is to enable our students to acquire and master the basics of the English language, the Institute provides its courses in French or English with course materials developed in French or in English by teachers who are themselves bilingual.

We also prepare and encourage our students to take standardized English tests such as TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS.

Our goal is that each and every one of our students, at the end of their course, can communicate easily and professionally, in French and in English, both in writing and orally.



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